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Reaching The Lost Through Gospel Music

The Bread Of Life Singers family website introduces you to a ministry team that loves to share Gods love in song and prayer. Every member of this team is dedicated for the Lord and travels many miles over the roads, Spreading the good news about Jesus and Sharing the mighty testimony of the healing of founder Tod Davis, after he suffered twenty six strokes and doctors said he would not be able to return. But God had other plans and they returned to working for the Lord once again.  They are available for all Gospel functions anywhere he opens the door. They would like to thank you for visiting this site.




Their prayer is may God Bless you and all our Brothers and Sisters in Christ today and everyday, says the group. If you should need prayer today or have questions about God and his wonderful mercy let them know. They would love to sit down and explain a love that never ends and introduce you to A friend that will never leave you nor forsake you and is never to busy for you. 




The Bread of Life Singers originated with lead singer, Tod Davis, when he was just nineteen years old. Over the years, God reshaped and reformed the group to include Tod and his wife Jennifer, along with their two boys Christopher,and Ryan. They are a singing family ministry, The Bread of Life Singers have one goal: to see souls saved and lives changed by the power of God. They believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and in God’s power to heal, deliver, and transform the lives of any who would come to Him.

Another part of the ministry of The Bread of Life Singers is their 24 hour prayer line. “No matter the time, when a call comes in, someone is there to pray with you. If, by chance, someone calls while we are on stage, they can leave a message and we will call them back and pray with them. They currently have four Cd’s out which are entitled “Walking The Simple Way” , “Heavens Way , Your Hand in Mine , Hymns 4 Him  and now our newest project ( Light It Up )  Recorded at Trinity Studios in Nashville Tennessee .  What is special about this project is it is an all original music project with a song written by a good friend Tom Burress on it as well .




The Bread Of Life singing ministry is a powerful testimony of healing of Tod after He suffered 26 strokes and was in and out of the hospital many times with doctors saying he would never sing again but by God’s healing power and mercy he was able to return back working by his families side for the Lord giving him all the Glory and leading souls to Christ at wherever God opens the doors of opportunity.

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